We are thrilled to announce the newest addition to the Twin Lakes catalog -- Source of Yellow's The Said, a three-song EP of unique beauty, offering a heady and guileless take on playing against the psych-wardens, the noise-canon, the must-listen-to and hard-listed. 

This Brooklyn trio doesn't just trade on the value of knowing the old explorations, but instead take the most outré edges and sonics from our masters and contemporaries as their starting point -- then they sing to them and coax them into an intimate and amplified complexity. 

On The Said SOY yanks energy from space to sling it hard back to the earth:

I. The Said: Two notes urgent and sparkling.  An incantation. Bass and drums suddenly pushing harder than expected with an exhortation to come along on ferocious drops through knotted loops, speed changes, and rattling hard turns.  You are locked on a variegated three-loop ride from the ether ending hard and fun in the dirt. 

II. 1 & 9: A smile and then a swooning sleep. A heartbeat, a jangle like cicadas and the breeze in summer, a tangle of descending arpeggios as birdsong. A further fall into a dreamless theta state. Days or years are passing.

III. Maybe!: Then a heady wakeful hum. A dancing lurch with a reedy ostinato and a yearning voice. A final harmonic convergence that seems to leave tracer notes arcing back to us and gently fading while we finish listening. 

How much fun to execute these compositions and improvisations! How much care and deftly hidden preparation to start the listener at 40000+ feet for a controlled free fall, romp, and recovery! At the beginning and end of it all are three people making brilliant noises sometimes knowingly, it seems, and sometimes maybe acting the vessel, but probably trembling and smiling all the while. 

For this release, the band commissioned NYC-based visual artist Pali Kashi for the cover art. The arresting Upstate, evokes SOY’s sonics -- their ability to pull in the harmolodic for a hug with the gothic in a muddy dance stomp, where the psychedelic spectrum encompasses true tonal weirdness as well as compelling housebroken sounds. This work of haunting beauty will be available September 18th in a limited run of 50 archival quality prints, each of which will come with a free download code. Buy it here.

-- MK.