It's been long overdue, but MYTY KONKEROR's first full-length, I miss the future. is now available from Twin Lakes. Recorded between June 2008 and February 2010, this record marks a departure from the band's earlier stripped-down sound as they've embrace a more expansive approach with the addition of lap steel guitarist Jon Schlesinger. The result is a Copernican meditation in the form of blow yr head off rock, sludge oozing from the sonic scrap metal this band is known for.  

Eschewing principles of mass-production, the band contacted New Zealand's Peter King, who uses his own custom-modified lathes to cut the records to what is actually a clear, kind of polycarbonate plastic. We chose to do a limited run of 30 this way because we wanted the album to stay as close to human hands as possible throughout the entire making of it.

You can order it on CD or vinyl here. The album can also be downloaded from iTunes, eMusic, or the Twin Lakes online store. Cassettes will also be available soon.

Here's an early review that appeared in CTIndie this morning.