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Rivener's debut release Fires in Repose is now available over at our online store. It consists of three shape-shifting explorations of no wave, noise, and psych with elements rooted in the rockist tradition. Rivener stretches, bends, and breathes new meaning into these influences, conjuring stormy, cosmic clouds of sound. It will be available on limited edition cassette and CD-R (50 each), as well as digital. Cassettes and CD's are hand-stickered and can be yours for only 5 bucks!



We are beyond psyched to announce the latest addition to Twin Lakes -- Rivener, a new project started by our label co-founder Michael Kiefer and the hyper-prolific Mercy Choir mastermind Paul Belbusti. According to Kiefer, since his main musical outlet Myty Konkeror had been relatively inactive over the past year, he was itching to do something new and different:  "I was looking to do something totally free-form with no rules...something improvisational, sort of in the rockist tradition that could be noisy at times, or calm and subdued, but with less emphasis on the harshness of noise and maybe with more psychedelic or no wave elements. As these ideas were starting to percolate and I started thinking about collaborators, Paul had just put out this amazing album under his Mercy Choir moniker called Gguitar, which was mostly improvised guitar pieces. I knew right away that he was the guy."

Unbeknownst to him, right around the same time, Belbusti had placed a Craigslist ad looking for someone to form an improv duo, citing pretty much all the same influences that were inspiring Kiefer at the time. The stars had aligned, and the two began practicing almost immediately. 

Their first release, Fires in Repose, consists of three pieces captured during only their second jam session: shape-shifting explorations of no wave, noise, and psych with elements rooted in the rockist tradition. Rivener stretches, bends, and breathes new meaning into these influences, conjuring stormy, cosmic clouds of sound. It will be available on limited edition cassette and CD-R (50 each), as well as digital, just in time for their next gig, which features a killer lineup including MV & EE, The Mountain Movers, and Spectre Folk (feat. members of Magik Markers, Sonic Youth, and Pavement). Details below.



Nashville’s outer blues duo Ttotals are back, creating dark, brooding twisters of sound, downing power lines with leagues-deep drums and haunting vocals, scorched-earth guitars, and flashes of sampled electronics...a careening vortex performing a muddy dance stomp along the Mississippi Delta as it flings the blues up to the heavens. The band will be hitting the road on November 8th with Psychic Teens in support of their first full-length, Let Everything Come Through, which sees its official release on November 11.


Tour dates:

November 8 - Asheville, NC at the Mothlight #
November 9 - Savannah, GA at Graveface Records #
November 10 - Athens, GA at the Caledonia Lounge #
November 11 - Birmingham, AL at the Nick #
November 12 - Atlanta, GA at 529 #
November 13 - Nashville, TN at the Eastroom #
November 14/15 - Austin, TX at TBA
November 16 - Dallas, TX at Crown & Harp   
# = with Psychic Teens


Let Everything Come Through was recorded and mixed by Tate Eskew at Zero Art Studios and mastered by Carl Saff in Chicago. It will be available in both vinyl and digital formats from our website and most online stores on November 11, 2014.

Check the promo video below...



Ms Schwartz' new album A Garden of My Own comes out this Tuesday, and we're celebrating at NYC's Cake Shop the following night with a killer lineup. More details here.




We are thrilled beyond words to announce the release No Line North’s, Farther Out Beyond Today, which hits the streets on CD/DL October 14th and can be pre-ordered now from the band's online store

No Line North’s broad influences and instrumentation work their way into a uniquely unified sound that runs the spectrum from distorted garage rock to orchestral, quiet folk. Incorporating violin, loop pedals, vibraphones, distorted guitars and a driving rhythm section, NLN cultivates sizzling, psychedelic folk rock rooted in the Americana tradition, with the occasional nod to krautrock. 

Mastering Engineer Hans DeKline (Pixies, Snoop Dogg) summed up their new collection nicely: “Love these tunes! This is very original and fondly reminiscent of a Dinosaur Jr., Camper van Beethoven, Built to Spill kind of vibe but they have definitely got their own thing going. So cool!”

The band released their eponymous debut under the moniker Closely Watched Trains on Twin Lakes in October 2009. That first collection received much critical acclaim with The New Haven Register citing it as Connecticut’s best release of the year and The Big Takeover calling it “fresh and inspired.” Since that first release, No Line North has grown to become a powerful and tightknit unit, honing their craft by playing shows and woodshedding while finishing Farther Out Beyond Today. The result is a rocking collection of songs that transcends and bends genres in the best ways possible, sounding familiar yet strikingly unique. The album, which was recorded and produced by the band and friends at various locations, and mixed by NLN bassist John Leonard at SonicBot Productions, sees its official release on October 14, 2014. Get a taste below...