Photo by Susan Quinn

Photo by Susan Quinn



New Haven-based duo Rivener’s lysergic improvisations are shape-shifting explorations of no wave, noise, and psych with some elements loosely rooted in the rock tradition. Intrepid seekers always listening for the signs, guitarist/percussionist Paul Belbusti (Mercy Choir) and drummer Michael Kiefer (Myty Konkeror) mangle, stretch, bend, and breathe new meaning into these influences with subtle dynamic shifts, conjuring stormy, cosmic clouds of sound. This is the true freedom turn it up, man! 



The Wire Magazine, Dec 2016

The Wire Magazine, Dec 2016

The Cut-Up, Feb 2017

The Cut-Up, Feb 2017

Svengali Gaze reviewed by Terrascope, March 2017.

“Dynamic improvisation between drums and guitar hitting every right note…this album is heavier than most things this year.” — Ryan Hall, Tome to the Weather Machine

Svengali Gaze reviewed by The Metal Dad, November 2016.

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