michael beach

Michael Beach is a US-born, Melbourne-based musician who writes, records, and performs under his own name, and as a member of Melbourne (AUS)-based trio Shovels.  Since 2008, he has put out records on Spectacular Commodity, the Thurston Moore/Byron Coley collab label Ecstatic Yod, Peru’s Tacu Tacu Records, and Twin Lakes Records.

In 2013 before moving full-time to Melbourne, Beach recorded his sophomore LP, Golden Theft with drummer Utrillo Kushner (Comets On Fire, Colossal Yes) and engineer Phil Manley (Wooden Shjips, Barn Owl) over three days at Manley’s Lucky Cat Studios.

“Hooky and a little bit heavy, driving and catchy like crazy, and that tempo shift just kills us every time, so unexpected, but so cool…..Drifting from crunchy post punk, to woozy psychedelic drift, to countrified rust belt songsmithery, and several other stops in between… Gorgeous stuff for sure.” – Aquarius Records on Mountains + Valleys


"...the grand theft surprise of the summer...an album that picks and chooses the best parts plucked out of the modern golden era that sound better than anything before."  -- Sjimon Gompers, IMPOSE Magazine, Aug. 2013

"The sound is all over the map, drifting from crunchy post punk, to woozy psychedelic drift, to countrified rust belt songsmithery, and several other stops in between... Gorgeous stuff for sure."   -- Aquarius Records, Dec. 2011

"A Horse is brilliant, understated, yet powerful and emotive. I guess you could call it a "singer/songwriter" effort, but that'd be selling it short. Fans of the best of Elliot Smith, the best of Lou Reed, and Straight Ahead, the 1984 solo LP by Greg Sage of The Wipers, please have a listen... -- Art for Spastics, Feb. 2011

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